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Communiqué from OSBCU President

Report on meeting with the Minister of Education

On February 8, I joined CUPE Ontario President Fred Hahn and CUPE staff members Darcie McEathron, Michel Revelin, Dan Crow and Chris Watson for a 30-minute meeting with Ontario Education Minister Lisa Thompson MPP.

It was an opportunity to meet with the current government and to share with Minister Thompson the concerns of the folks that we represent and the work that we perform in our schools.  It was clear during the meeting that there is some disconnect between the minister and who we are; she frequently referred to us as teachers and janitors, though we corrected her on each occasion and provided the correct and inclusive language.  We will continue to push this concept in future conversations with her staff.

The minister often referred to what she deems the fiscal realities of the education sector and assured us that she was open to hearing our suggestions.  CUPE researcher Dan Crow has been working on budget submissions and we will prepare additional materials to highlight that not only does this government need to invest in education, but they need to commit to quality public education – and that we will not stand for privatization in any form.

Following the meeting, our team is further resolved that we have work to do to mobilize our membership and our communities.  In the upcoming weeks we will be looking for local leaders to meet with their MPPs, engage with their communities, speak with allies and more.  We have a great deal of work ahead, but I am confident that we are up to the challenge.  I encourage you to continue promoting that we are the #powerofpubliceducation

In solidarity,

Laura Walton
OSBCU President

Brothers and sisters,

There’s a lot of questions surrounding the school closures, deployment and the new schools.

As many of you know, there are four school closures happening this year, article 23 of our collective agreement is very explicit on how deployment is to be conducted when new schools are brought online. New schools are to be posted and the jobs are to be filled through the posting process before deployment can take place. Therefore we must make sure that we have enough equitable positions available for the deployment. There could be up to 19 positions needed for deployment. Those portions of the CA read as follows:
At a recent meeting with the management team, options were laid out as to how the new schools and deployment was going to happen. The union position was to follow the collective Agreement with regards to article 23. The conversation back-and-forth across the table was that the postings for the new schools would go up around early March and the deployment for the redundancies would begin very soon after that. Deployment should be concluded no later than the end of March.

The management team stated they want to find out staffing requirements for next year and that they may have to hold back more postings. Staffing requirements should be finalized by May 1, 2019. Our position is to post remaining positions as soon as possible.
Currently, all postings are being held as per the collective agreement in accordance with article 12:01(e) which states “Vacancy” means a position within the bargaining unit not yet filled through the job posting or transfer procedure. Notwithstanding the preceding, the Board has the right to determine whether to fill any position. The Board will notify the Bargaining Unit President, with rationale if it decides to not post a vacancy.

Hopefully this answers some of the questions about job posting.

In solidarity,
Executive Board
CUPE Local 4153