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Union claims the airport, at WestJet’s request, is blocking organizers from talking to flight attendants

WestJet is facing more turbulence with its workforce, just weeks after a potential pilot’s strike was averted — but this time it involves flight attendants.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has filed a complaint with federal regulators, claiming that both WestJet and the Calgary Airport Authority are engaging in unfair labour practices.

They claim the airport, at WestJet’s request, is blocking union organizers from talking to flight attendants at airport exits.

Ella Henry is a lawyer for the union. She says flight attendants are in a unique situation because their work locations are always changing.

“When employees are not working, when they’re on break, when they’re on their way to work, coming back from work, employees have the right to talk about joining a union and to take action to that end,” she said.

“The workplace is the natural location for employees to talk to each other about a union, and WestJet flight attendants, and flight attendants generally, have a bit of a unique workplace. They don’t all work together with set 9-5 shifts. They don’t all work in the same place. In fact, they might be all around the world.

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